OMMELLINEN began with the goal to find nice, personal clothes to own children. When Liisa Häkli, the founder of OMMELLINEN couldn’t find those, she began to make them herself. During maternity leave Liisa got inspired to write a blog and soon her fun jersey clothing started to raise interest among others too. It didn’t take long to realize that a meaningful hobby had turned into areal business.

From the beginning, the most important part of the clothes was fun prints, but as Liisa discovered, it was surprisingly hard to find great and different prints. The search of perfect prints led her to a company called Pehemiä, which had fabrics manufactured with their own prints. Not long until a great co-operation began and soon Liisa had the possibility to influence on the prints. 

In 2016 Liisa decided to seize the opportunity to buy Pehemiä’s business and prints and continue the path that Pehemiä had shown. The following year Liisa's husband Jesse joined the business. Today OMMELLINEN is an expansive family business that employs 10 people and where work is done together with a great joy and according to common values. In the core of OMMELLINEN’s business is the designing and manufacturing of own clothes and print fabrics. All OMMELLINEN clothes are manufactured in company’s own production facilities in Jyväskylä,Finland. Beautiful print fabrics are distributed globally through international resellers and they are available for other clothing manufacturers around the world too.

The courage and the joy of OMMELLINEN are available to everyone who want to make themselves and the pure joy a visible part of dressing and interior design.

OMMELLINEN co-operates with Finnish designers and all the designs are selected pretty intuitively. We use designers that are bold and they have the courage to design the patterns and the prints according to their and our vision. 

With those amazing print fabrics, we also design and manufacture clothes that we would like to wear ourselves. OMMELLINEN's clothes are known of having smart cuts,high quality and being so comfortable that you would just want to live in those every day. OMMELLINEN's clothes and fabrics stay beautiful year after year,even when you wear and wash them. It is our passion to make designs, fabrics and clothes alive on people and in homes.

We believe that when you choose something you actually like, you are visible and beautiful– you are you!